VIDEO: Matt Farrah Puts a Maggie-Blown C7 Z51 to the Test!

Talk about a perfect combination – Matt Farrah of The Smoking Tire puts a red C7 Z51 Corvette through its a paces on the banked turns of a Southern Californian highway, but with a twist. This isn’t some run of the mill, off-the-shelf C7 from a local car lot… this one is packing an additional 100 horsepower and 100 lb-ft. of twist to the rear tires, thanks largely in part to the Magnuson Superchargers Heartbeat blower strapped to the new-generation LT1!

Matt starts out by saying that although its been awhile since he’s last piloted a C7, this is the first time he’s driven an 8-speed automatic version. He also points out that the car in question is completely stock, apart from the Maggie TVS 2300 prototype blower strapped to the top of the LT1. Adding some technical insight to the recipe, he claims a reported 6-lbs. of boost that helps the Vette generate 510 rwhp 505 lb-ft of twist to the tires – considering the lack of other power-boosting modifications, that’ nothing to sneeze at!

The idea behind Matt’s self-shot, GoPro equipped review is to see just how well the Corvette responded to its singular, but massive, modification. Farrah gives us the tour, inside and out, and tells us what his thoughts are on the car’s drivability. We don’t want to spoil it for you, so you’ll just have to watch the video like we did to get his review.

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