Video: LS Air Intake Showdown

LS-series engines have been the platform of choice for project cars and restorations since their conception. This is for good reason, with most citing their high accessibility and extreme response to any modifications. There is such an expansive variety of engines and parts that fit the LS platform that it can be confusing at times. However, it is important to know your engine and what will work the best for your intentions. So today we’re bringing you a competition put on by Holley to showcase which intake manifold might be right for you. These tests will be conducted on the crew’s 440ci LS7 and will show a comprehensive analysis of the products and their various features.

Our first competitor is equipped with a 4500 dual-quad throttle body set up utilizing 2,000 CFM. At 7400 RPM this engine is making an astonishing 750 horsepower and 624 lb/ft of torque which helps to show off the insane intake manifold. However, that incredible intake would be extremely difficult to drive on the street due to the displacement. Number two is a Holley Hi-Ram intake manifold 4150 1,000 CFM, also packing a dual set of quad throttle bodies. While the intake manifolds do make similar performance numbers, the 4150 is far easier to control for street driving. Moving on to the Holly Hi-Ram throttle body, this 105mm cable-driven throttle body helps the engine to push out 732 horsepower and 606 lb/ft of torque.

Finally, we move full circle to the Atomic Airforce MSD intake manifold. Though it helps the engine to 718 horsepower and 621 lb/ft of torque, the Atomic AirForce produces better average power. This will mean that, while you are giving up some top-end horsepower, the Atomic Airforce will give you the best drivability and low-end torque. So the next time you build a rowdy LS engine, whether you’re looking to build a drag strip demon or street machine, you’ll have the knowledge you need to fit your needs exactly.

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