VIDEO: Edelbrock Explains TBI Versus Multiport EFI

When it comes to parts in the automotive aftermarket, there are two types of fuel injection systems you’ll encounter when shopping for replacement or swap parts — one is TBI, and the other is full-sequential multi-port fuel injection. Both are popular options for their own reasons. August from Edelbrock breaks down why you’re better off investing in a 21st century fuel injection system for your car.

TBI, or throttle body injection, is basically an electronic carburetor he explains. It’s essentially an easy, and cost-effective way of moving into EFI. While these systems ‘will do’ for a lot of builds, there’s not a lot of room for fine-tuning. It has about the same tuning capabilities as your carbureted system, so if you’re looking to go crazy on your tune you might find yourself feeling short-changed with TBI.

The short comings of the TBI systems have led to an increase in popularity of the multi-port fuel injection systems. These systems have a higher level of tuning sophistication due to their complexity in design. Edelbrock’s Pro-Flo 3 Electronic Fuel Injection system is made to replace outdated carbureted and old school fuel injection systems with the same type of fuel system your newer muscle car already has.

Edlebrock provides everything you need for a painless fuel system swap, for a quick and crank-ready installation. The Pro-Flo 3 comes with an intake manifold, throttle body, fuel rails, injectors, needed sensors, wiring harness, ECM, and even the distributor for complete timing control — as a bonus, it even comes with the 02 sensors for the system. Of course, the star of the system is the software that comes with it, it comes with an optional tablet for the system, or it’ll work with your own tablet once you download the app.

The Pro-Flo 3 comes in two flavors, one with a single plane intake manifold that accepts your throttle body and traditional carbureted air cleaner, or the Pro-Flo XT manifold with forward facing 90mm throttle body port.

This system will make your car behave just like a modern fuel injected car — it doesn’t hesitate when you hit the gas like carbureted or TBI systems. The software display gives you real time information about the system while your driving, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening with it at all times.

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