Video: 5 Big Problems That Plague The C4 Corvette

C4 Corvettes are some of the most underrated performance cars of their time. In a decade when cars were just starting to get their mojo back, the C4 rose above the rest as Corvettes usually do. Because of its status as GM’s poster child for performance and luxury, the ‘Vettes came with state-of-the-art technology at the time. More horsepower, more torque, less weight, and sleeker styling defined the ‘Vette in every way. Nowadays these relics of Corvette past can be had for relatively cheap and because they are Chevys parts are usually readily available.

This has led the C4 Corvette to be infamous within the retro car scene and has garnered much attention especially in recent years from people who want a reliable piece of American car history that won’t break the bank. However, like any old car, the C4 ‘Vette also has its share of issues, luckily we have the YouTuber Retro Cars Forever to help shine some light on the subject.

Number one on this list is the tires, unfortunately, with any retro car, the first thing to go is usually going to be the tires. Aside from the usual tread-wear, age can also affect a tire’s elasticity and strength as it becomes older and cracked. The reason why this is a Corvette-specific issue is the fact that most tires wear out before they get old, but ‘Vettes aren’t typically driven very much throughout their life so age becomes a primary concern for your tires. The YouTuber then goes on to point out that Paul Walker’s fatal accident was in large part due to the car he was driving having 9-year-old tires on it.

Moving on down the list we find ourselves at the front of the car with the pop-up or roll-out headlights. The issue here is the fact that Chevy used a soft material to make the gears of the headlight motors. These soft gears eventually grind together and make it difficult for the headlights to function properly. However, as Retro Cars Forever points out, this is a relatively easy fix for anyone comfortable with getting their hands a bit dirty. Yet another common but easily fixable problem is the weatherstripping, luckily for Retro Cars Forever, his car had spent most of its time in a garage. However, the problem is similar to the tire debacle in that if the rubber is stiff and cracked then it will need to be replaced.

One of the most common problems with any old car, not just Corvettes, is electronics. In the time that this car was built car manufacturers began playing around with new tech to put into their cars. Unfortunately today many of these fancy gadgets have been rendered useless with age. Some of these features include the digital dash cluster, power seats, and one other issue that leads to the steering wheel having an incredibly annoying wobble. Of course, these are all easy and inexpensive fixes, except for the steering wheel which was covered in another video, and we are led to the final entry on this list.

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