VIDEO: 2018 Corvette ZR1 Spied! (Yes, Again)

Photos from CarPix/Carscoops

The rowdy and highly anticipated 2018 Corvette ZR1 seems to be making its rounds lately, and its most recent return shows a ‘hushed’ version playing around the Nürburgring. GM’s mule was as loud as a jet going around the track, and the team had to quite it down to keep testing on the track, which is pretty insane considering the fleet of super vehicles that have put their tires down there.

Apparently,this prototype was so loud that engineers had to rig up some extra exhaust piping to keep testing the ZR1 mule on the track. On the day this video was taken, there was a 100-decibel sound restriction in effect, and the ZR1 couldn’t meet that on its own. In order to run during the noise limit times, it was fitted with sharp angled, massive exhaust pipes.

Even with the goofy tailpipe situation with awkward extra piping, the ZR1 still looks ready to kick your ass and take your lunch, and you’d thank it for doing so! This mean mule has a very aggressive look thanks to the front splutter, large air intakes, massive rear wing, alloy wheels, and visible high-performance brake system with blue calipers.

On the other hand, you’ve got to wonder what’s making this sucker so loud! Car manufacturers don’t exactly design cars to have loud exhaust systems out of the box, they leave that up to the horsepower junkies when they get them home. So why is this one so loud? There’s no knowing for sure, which leaves it open to wild speculation.

This prototype could be a twin-turbo car, still not exactly explaining the noise, but let us have it. It may also be the LT5 DOHC 6.2L engine we keep hearing rumors about, which would fit the bill for the increased noise. Very little is known what they’re hiding under the hood, but it’s safe to say that it will outperformance any prior model, so expect it to surpass the 700hp mark.

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