VIDEO: 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE Reviewed By One Take Host

The new Camaro ZL1 1LE package is an absolute throw down of GM Performance design and development. This beautiful monster of a car represents fifty years of evolution, and the best of the modern muscle car. At this point, if you don’t like the ZL1, we suspect that it has more to do with brand loyalty to another nameplate, and you’re not paying attention to what this car has to offer.

This special trim Camaro borrows its engine from the Z06; a 650hp supercharged LT4. GM takes it a step further and has given it all the features it needs to be track capable, no matter what kind of track you’re on. Until the ZR1 Corvette comes out, this is probably the most impressive American car you’re going to run into.

There have, however, been a few reviews where the hosts have named off all the wonderful things about the ZL1, tested it against another car, and then don’t give it the recognition it deserves. A prime example can be found in this article where hosts from Kelley Blue Book put the ZL1 and GT350R up against each other in a series of tests.

Even though the ZL1 costs less and is better equipped, they ultimately end up picking the GT350R based on personal preference alone, while totally disregarding the fact that the ZL1 makes more power and they found it to be superior on the streets. What does this have to do with the One Take video above? We’re bringing it up because the GT350R is also brought up by this host, so what does he think?

Judging by past videos, Matt Farah already isn’t too crazy about Camaros, old or new. So, it would be way more shocking if he ended up swooning over this fully capable and good looking muscle car. Matt does give a very accurate rundown of the ZL1 1LE. He even gets into to fairly technical detail about why the Camaro is such a win for the GM design team.

He then goes on to say that the driver will determine which is a better car, right after saying this ZL1 1LE is “faster for sure”, and that it would likely win on the track. It really sounds like a way to skirt around giving the Camaro the credit its due. So would Matt want to own a ZL1 1LE? No. The reasoning? None, really.

It seems like, somewhere along the way, the ZL1 has turned the Shelby into an underdog, a title not fit for that car. So what is it about the ZL1 that’s so off putting to some of these reviewers? Maybe Chevy needs to lend us one for a track day (or two) to find out!

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