SEMA 2016: Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Billet Throttle Bodies


GM performance powerhouse Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center (SDPC) now offers LSX engine owners options for increased airflow with their billet ported throttle bodies.  These throttle bodies feature options such as drive-by-wire or cable operated applications. For additional insight, we turn to SDPC:

Official Release: 

SDPC CNC Precision Machined Billet Throttle Bodies

CNC precision machined billet throttle bodies made exclusively for Scoggin-Dickey to meet the demands for increased airflow on the “drive-by-wire” LSX performance engines.  The 102mm throttle body requires an aftermarket intake to fit the larger diameter throttle blade.  The 6-pin late model connector works with 2010 and newer Camaro (E-Body), 2005 and newer Corvette (Y-Body), and Chevy/GMC pickups 2007 and later with the 6-pin wiring harness.  Tuning is required.

The cable operated throttle body is for aftermarket intakes or retrofitting an LS2 intake on earlier F-body or truck/SUV that uses a cable operated throttle.  Uses factory throttle position sensor and idle air control motor.

Throttle Body Options:

  • SD92MM – 92mm, Cable, 4-Bolt
  • SD92MMBK – 92mm, Cable, Anodized Black, 4-Bolt
  • SD102MM – 102mm, Cable, 4-Bolt
  • SD102MMBK – 102mm, Cable, Anodized Black, 4-Bolt
  • SD102MMEL – 102mm, Electric, 4-Bolt
  • SD102MMELB – 102mm, Electric, Black Anodized, 4-Bolt

As can be seen above, whether it be cable or electronic, SDPC has a billet throttle body to fit your need.  As a plus, it can also be had in bare aluminum or anodized black finishes.  These will no doubt flow more air as well as give a custom look to your LSX engine.

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