SEMA 2014: Spectre Performance Unleashes Cold-Air Induction for Chevy SS

SSCAI-1If the late-model Chevy SS crowd has a problem, it’s waving the GM banner seemingly under the radar. Perhaps the best-kept secret in Detroit is the 6.2L LS3-powered bow-tie sedan, and after being on the market for almost two model years many enthusiasts still haven’t even heard about it.

While the car’s subdued styling helps keep Johnny Law on the lookout for   flashier offerings from the Big Three, the SS picks up where the G8 GXP left off in terms of passenger comfort and refinement. As we all know, it’s built on an updated (inside and out, top to bottom) version of the departed G8’s body and Beta chassis – the same platform used under the out-going 5th-Gen Camaro. So it makes sense that companies like Spectre Performance offer speed parts for them.

SSCAI-2While at SEMA 2014, Spectre’s Mike Morrow told us about their latest creation, a simple but effective cold-air induction system (PN 9017) for the Chevy SS.

Designed to offer more power, torque, overall performance, and increased fuel mileage, the Spectre Performance cold-air induction system is a easy and affordable way to hep your SS get noticed. The improved induction soundtrack doesn’t hurt, either.

We’ve included some of the highlights of the kit below, and it should also be noted that this kit will also work in the 2008-09 G8 GT and GXP models.


  • Easy to install
  • Improved looks
  • Available in different filter colors
  • High-quality polished aluminum tubing
  • Designed for horsepower and torque increase

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