Racetronix Fittings Solves Commonly Overlooked Issues

You can have the most well-built engine out there, but if you don’t have all of the details ironed out to complete your build your skills are going to waste. One often overlooked component in modified vehicles are the fittings. Sure, fittings seem so minute and inconsequential when compared to assembling the engine, supercharger or turbocharger system, but that’s far from true.

The wrong size fitting or a poorly made fitting, can absolutely ruin your day. We’ve seen guys spend thousands of greenbacks on their engine builds, just to skimp out on the few extra bucks to make sure they have high-quality fittings. As we’ve seen in the past, portly-designed or ill-fitting fuel and oil fittings can end up causing an engine fire or the engine to lose oil pressure.

Not to even mention that a failed or improper fitting is usually not something you can pop out and replace — many of them can be hard to reach on the fly. Many people spend hours diagnosing, or at least attempting to diagnose, a problem that’s just as simple as changing to the correct size fitting for a hose or other engine bay component.

Racetronix has made a name for themselves for perfecting the art of engineering high-end fuel system components such as pumps, fuel rails, injectors — and those that otherwise go overlooked. Having established themselves long ago as EFI fuel system experts for an array of GM vehicles, dating as far back to TPI and Turbo Buick and extending that knowledge and expertise though today’s LS

They are the perfect solution for the trip to the corner parts store to get cheap, off-brand, low-quality small parts; those of which may or may not even be the right size, and who even knows how long they would last. So many people have experienced the problem of ends being too big or small for the hose, and the second common problem is the ends actually being too short, causing all kinds of issues.

Since Racetronix is always listening to the demand of their customers, they continue to expand their catalog. They are engineered to raise standards, come in many different configurations, can be purchased in a variety of sizes, angles and even colors, and are “small parts” that you’re not going to be able to hunt down at the local auto parts store. In addition to their already very expansive line of hose fittings, they have added two new types of fittings to make your project much easier.

Push-Lock Hose Fittings

This top grade fitting is expertly designed and made to meet, and exceed top industry standards. It offers a fusion of well-balanced design with high-end craftsmanship. These are easily installed, with, you guessed it, a push, and they lock in place.

Racetronix Wastegate & Blow Off Valve Banjo Teflon Hose Fittings

These are made for supercharged or turbocharged applications, and will greatly increase the reliability and efficiency of your wastegate or blow off valve. These are available in sizes:

  • -3 Teflon to M10x1.0
  • -3 Teflon to 1/8″ MPT

Both are ready to ship out of the high-tech Racetronix facility, that also produces nearly 4,000 other products for customers all around the world. They ensure the highest quality from design to construction, making sure every product that leaves the door is reliable and ready to use.

This has been a key characteristic about Racetronix since the brand was founded in 1999. They are well-known for a large range of electronics, fuel system components, and small parts like these fittings. Racetronix designs their parts with high-performance use and high horsepower applications in mind.

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