Project Phoenix: We Take Driven’s Race Wax for a Test Drive


With car show season now in full swing, we want nothing more than to pull our cars out of storage after a long winter hibernation, clean them up, and hit the open road. However, with so many cleaning products on the market, it can be difficult to decide on which one to go with.

After a recent visit to SEMA last year, we became much more familiar with Driven Racing Oil‘s Race Wax. Designed for race cars on the NASCAR track (seriously, but more on that in a minute), its perfect for removing grease, tar, and chunks of tire rubber from the flanks. According to Driven’s in-house lubricant specialist, Lake Speed Jr., Race Wax work perfect for your daily-driven street car; be it on paint, a custom wrap, glass, metal, fiberglass or rubber.

Despite its name, Race Wax isn’t actually a wax at all, but rather, a repellent and protectant from the various debris that both arc cars and street driven cars experience on a daily (or weekend) basis. Mr. Speed was recently quoted by our colleges in the industry as saying, “There’s painted surfaces, Lexan windows, chrome, brushed metal. We needed something that wouldn’t damage those surfaces, wouldn’t fog or streak the windows, and wasn’t damaging to the surfaces around the car.” Scott Diehl, also of Driven, has pointed out that, “Race Wax won’t haze in the sunlight or streak like some other products on the market do. It’s really intended for the weekend racer or the car show enthusiast, who needs or wants to detail their car – even if it means doing so in direct sunlight.” Let’s face it, how many times have you been out at a car show or at the dragstrip and tried wiping your car down, only for it to streak? We’ve been there…


After being formally introduced to the product at the recent trade show, we placed an order directly to Driven (you can score it through retail outlets such as Summit Racing or Jegs), and decided to test it out on Project Phoenix. Now while this will remove impurities such as bugs, bird dirt, and other unwelcome debris on your paint finish, it also does an excellent job cleaning up water spots from the body and brake dust from the wheels on our recently washed 2002 Trans Am. As we find ourselves encountering more road gunk in the future, we’ll continue to test this product from Driven.


  • Delivers a Low Drag, High Gloss Finish
  • Effectively Sheds Dirt, Rubber & Debris
  • Quick & Easy Application
  • Clean Up is Simple
  • Perfect for Cleaning & Protecting:
      • Painted Surfaces
      • Full Decal Wraps
      • Fiberglass Panels

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