Pace Performance Now Offering 6-Speed Automatic LT/LS Transmissions


The transmission world just a little bigger for GM LT and LS engines. Pace Performance is now making transmissions to back your engine. These transmissions allow you to have more choice when it comes to engine swaps or already LT/LS equipped cars.

Having the option to throw a 6-speed automatic transmission behind a LT or LS engine series is a big deal for most drivers. These transmissions are made to be simple, plug and play applications that work with your LT or LS controller.

The LT and LS 6-speed application options both include:

  • GM 6L80E slip yoke style transmission assembly
  • Torque converter with dust shields and bolts
  • Bell housing and converter bolts
  • Transmission tube and dipstick
  • Shift shaft lever and nut
  • Transmission harness
  • Slip yoke
  • Transmission harness
  • Pace Performance custom pre-programming of internal transmission ECU
  • Transmissions ship with fluid plus two extra quarts of oil

LT & LS 6L80E specs:

Gear Ratio

  • 1st – 4.03
  • 2nd – 2.36
  • 3rd – 1.53
  • 4th – 1.15
  • 5th – 0.85
  • 6th – 0.67

Both transmission options are rated for maximum engine crankshaft output of 487 lb-ft of torque. These can also be used for tap shift and paddle shifters. This makes using existing tap or paddle shifters possible, and opens up the possibilities of adding them in to your car.

These transmissions seriously modernize LT and LS swap ins, as well as cars equipped with these engines from the factory. They come with everything you need to bolt these up to your engine and go. The pre-programming makes them useable right away after installation. Check out the options here for your LT or LS series engines. Upgrading to a six-speed automatic is now a lot less complicated!

Pace Performance also carries a variety of transmissions for applications as well, from retro to modern, and automatics and manuals, there’s a lot of choices in their lineup for many applications.

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