Pace Performance Announces Primed and Prepped LS3 525HP Crate Engine Package

Our friends at Pace Performance have offered engine builders and hot-rodders crate engine packages for years. From the iconic ZZ350 and ZZ572, to various LS engines. Some, are direct replacements for production cars, while others, implement the solid foundation of what Chevrolet Performance provides with Pace Performance putting their own creative spin on it, using aftermarket hardware and technology.

We’ve seen this from them before, like with the 495hp Pro-Flo LS3, but they’ve recently accomplished assembling another winning package with the Primed and Prepped 525hp LS3. They’ve provided us with all off the details, specs and even product images below.

Official Release:

We have taken the Pace Performance LS3 525HP engine to a new level! Now complete swap ready engine package with installed Holley oil pan. We have prep and primed the engine with Maxima break in oil so it’s ready to go when you receive it.

Included, but not installed:

  • Chevrolet Performance engine control module
  • Eddie Motorsports LS accessory drive
  • Pace high torque starter w/bolts

Engine Specifications:

  • Power: 525 HP @ 6300 RPM, 489 ft. lbs. of torque @ 4400 RPM
  • Displacement: 376 CID, 6.2L
  • Bore x Stroke: 4.060” x 3.620”
  • Compression Ratio: 10.7:1
  • Recommended Fuel: 92 Octane
  • Block: Cast Aluminum with 6 bolt cross bolted main caps
  • Crankshaft: Nodular Iron
  • Connecting Rods: Powdered Metal Steel
  • Pistons: Hypereutectic Aluminum
  • Camshaft: Steel Hydraulic Roller Tappet
  • Cam Lift: .525” Intake / .525” exhaust
  • Cam Duration @ .050”: 226 deg. Intake / 236 deg. Exhaust
  • Lobe Separation: 110 Degree
  • Cylinder Heads: Aluminum L92 style ports
  • Combustion Chamber: 68cc
  • Valves: 2.165” Intake/ 1.590” Exhaust
  • Rocker Arms: Cast Roller Trunnion, 1.7:1 Ratio
  • Balance: Internal
  • Reluctor: 58X
  • Maximum GM Recommended RPM: 6600
  • GM Recommended Torque Converter Stall 3000-3400

Engine Includes:

  • Fully GM assembled long block
  • Ignition Coils, Plug Wires and Spark Plugs
  • Oil pump, pick-up and Holley 302-1 oil pan
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • EFI Intake with fuel rails, injectors and throttle body
  • 14” Auto Trans Flexplate
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Front timing cover
  • Aluminum Water Pump
  • Holley “Chevrolet” script valve covers
  • HD Starter with Bolts
  • Oil Filter
  • Passenger Side RH Oil Dipstick and Tube

General Motors limited 1 year parts only warranty. Click Here to view or download warranty form.

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