Oracle Lighting Launches 2- and 4-Conductor Installation Wiring

ORACLEFor late-model Camaro, G8, Corvette, and CTS-V fans, ORACLE Lighting is a name synonymous with custom lighting and styling accessories. Their LED lighting accessories can be found in some of the most recognizable show cars all over the world, and you can’t visit SEMA without seeing at least ten vehicles instilled with their products.

Just recently, ORACLE Lighting has announced that they are releasing two different grades of wiring for those who choose to install their lighting kits themselves. They sent over the official press release on these two grades of wiring, and we shared it with you below.

Official Release:

ORACLE Lighting now offers quality wiring specifically for LED lighting projects. The conductor material in this wire is made from high-purity oxygen free copper (OFC), which is recognized as one of Earth’s finest conductive metals. This is to insure the best connections for your lighting projects that will last for years without corrosion or eventual degradation of the copper conductor.

For most applications of single color LEDs, 20AWG wiring is ideal. The capacity of the wire is more than ample for the low current draw of LEDs. American Wire Gauge (AWG), a wire sizing system, assigns numbers (which range from 0 to 40) to standardized wire thicknesses. In the AWG system, the higher the number, the thinner the wire. For multi-color LEDs you will need to use a 4-conductor wire, which uses a thinner gauge 22AWG cable ideal for ColorSHIFT LED projects.

Product Specs:
• High Performance Cable
• Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC)
• Ideal for ColorSHIFT LEDs
• Sold by the Ft. or by the Spool
• 328 Ft. of Wire per Spool
• Available in 2- (PN 2005) or 4-Conductor (PN 2006) harnesses
• 22 AWG
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