HP Tuners FPCM Support For Exhaust Control of New Camaro and Corvette

If you own a new generation Camaro or Corvette, you may or may not enjoy the several exhaust modes. This Jekyll and Hyde feature is actually a really nifty exhaust trick, but can be a total pain when you change to an aftermarket exhaust. HP Tuners has a solution to the exhaust valve codes from an aftermarket exhaust: Turn them off!

The newest version of the HP Tuners VCM Suite offers FPCM support that allows you to disable to exhaust valve codes on new Chevy Corvettes or Camaros. This will make your life much easier when you upgrade the OEM exhaust to an aftermarket system. FPCM support essentially allows you to erase unwanted codes from Learn more from HP Tuners below.

Official Release:

Did you know FPCM support is available to disable your exhaust valves on both the latest generation Camaro and Corvette?

If you have replaced your OEM exhaust with one that does not have a valve, we have the solution for you!

Another reason to keep your software up to date. See our website and forum for more information, and remember updates are free.

The VCM Suite has certain features that a professional tuner may find more useful. It includes some of the following extra capabilities.

VCM Editors Flash utility allows not just calibration reflashing and automated recovery, but entire VCM/PCM image reflashing. This means that you are free to make any operating system or calibration level modifications and flash those to the VCM/PCM. This has many uses for the advanced enthusiast, serious tuner or engine swap shop, allowing complete control over the VCM/PCM software environment.

The VCM Editor also allows for increased vehicle support for tuners, and also access to extra VCM/PCM operating system code modifications. Tuners also have the option to modify VIN’s, a useful feature for mail order VCM’s.

Security. Protect your tunes with Tunerlock. Only you have the ability to read and write to VCM/PCM’s that you have Tunerlocked. Prevent unwanted access to your hard work.

The VCM Scanner utility is a fully featured OBDII scanning and diagnostic tool.

It allows viewing, charting and logging of diagnostic data in real time via the vehicle OBDII diagnostic data port. It also allows viewing of vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) and other vehicle information. Built in VCM controls also supported. Command fans, closed loop, gear select, timing, air fuel ratio and more real time! No editor package can be considered complete without comprehensive scan tool capabilities.

VCM Suite is the complete package.

These components combine to make VCM Suite the most feature rich, powerful and comprehensive VCM/PCM reprogramming and diagnostics package available on the market today. In addition, our attractive make/model/year based licensing structure makes VCM Suite a clear leader in value for money.

VCM Suite is the ultimate tuning tool designed for your serious tuner and tuner shop.

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