GM Amongst Top Most Reliable Vehicles in Recent Survey

A survey conducted by reveals something we’re not so shocked by: 6 of the 10 vehicles most likely to bypass 200,000 miles are made by GM. This study was done to take a look at what most people would consider to be ‘high-mileage’ cars by today’s standards, as opposed to the 100k mile mark that used to seem impressive.

Cars today are built to last, although the human factor can greatly reduce an automobile’s lifespan. Manufacturers are making vehicles with longevity in mind, and have made no secret of this over the years. Circling back around to that human factor, with plenty of exceptions, overall, people are taking better care of their vehicles.

Modern society basically requires that we have reliable cars to get us to work, school, grocery shopping, etc., so maintenance is a necessity. It’s also probably safe to assume that going through the last recession has kept people in the same cars for much longer since upgrading wasn’t really an option for the majority of Americans.

The automotive research firm set out to see which models, specifically, have survived after 200,000 miles, looking at vehicles made from 1981 to 2015. They shared their findings with Popular Mechanics, who summed it up in a handy infographic:

While a Ford holds the number one spot, the automaker only has two models on “Top 10” the list. Some of the places are tied, and Toyota comes in second most with four on the list, while GM is the clear dominator with six different models making this list. Notably missing are any luxury cars, and more than one passenger car.

They did make a list of cars that excluded SUVs and trucks, and the Chevy Impala was the only representative on the list. Likewise, the other two of the big three only had one model on the list as well, while import commuter cars made up the rest.

Even further breaking out the information, they excluded non-luxury brands, with GM’s Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV taking the #2 and #4 spots. The moral of this information? Buy a truck or SUV if you want a vehicle to last, and make sure it’s a GM so the odds of driving it for a long time are in your favor!

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