Edelbrock Unveils E-CNC Ported LS3 Heads


Looking for a CNC-ported, LS3-style cylinder head that provides you with enough flow for your high horsepower race car, but can be bolted to the top of your LS1, LS2 or LS3-based street car? What about a casting with a unique configuration that not only maximizes horsepower, but improves overall efficiency? If so, then you should look into the E-CNC LS3 cylinder heads from Edelbrock Performance!

Official Release:

New E-CNC Cylinder Heads For Chevrolet LS3 Engines

Edelbrock has expanded their line of E-CNC cylinder heads to include an application for the popular Chevrolet LS3 engine. Edelbrock E-CNC LS3 cylinder heads (#61319) feature altered valve angles and locations, spark plug location, and valve sizes along with all new high flow ports and chambers. The result is a versatile, high port velocity cylinder head that is an excellent choice for street or race LS1, LS2 and LS3 engines. Despite the geometric revisions, stock LS3 rocker arms and 69cc chamber size are retained.

The Edelbrock E-CNC LS3 cylinder heads utilize a valve size and location, allowing it to fit within LS1 3.890” bore engines, but leaving it unshrouded on larger bore LS2 and LS3 engines. These cylinder heads are for use with both 4-bolt and 6-bolt per cylinder (LSX) engine blocks. In testing, these cylinder heads flowed 340 cfm, and outperformed the stock LS3 cylinder head by 20 hp on a 500+ hp engine.

Edelbrock E-CNC cylinder heads are fully CNC ported and feature premium valve train components throughout for long-term durability. Extra thick deck, interlocking valve seats, 0.100” longer than stock valves, factory angle milled deck, and extra thick port walls are some of the race inspired features that set this cylinder head apart from the competition.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Excellent choice for street or race LS3 engines or as an upgrade to LS2 and LS1 platforms
  • 230cc intake port volume and 80cc exhaust port volume
  • 135” intake valve with a 1.55” exhaust valve that is compatible with stock style rocker arms
  • Can be used with both 4-bolt and 6-bolt (LSX) engine blocks
  • These cylinder heads flowed 340 cfm and outperformed the stock LS3 cylinder head by 20 hp on a 500hp engine
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