DiabloSport Tuners Now Available for 2011-15 Chevy Cruze and Sonic


Looking for more power from your boosted Chevy Sonic or Cruze? You might be happy to find out that DiabloSport is now offering tuning software that will not only improve the already efficient cars’ fuel economy, but will increase power output by – get this – 33 hp and 45 lb-ft to the tires. Keep in mind, that’s from a tiny, turbocharged 4-cylinder that only displaces 1.4L – which translates into 83 cubic inches.

DiabloSport has even programmed the software for additional features, such as a “no-lift shit” option for manual transmission cars, as well being able to adjust for different tire size, gear size, spark/fuel settings, rev limiters, speed limiters, and more! DiabloSport has sent over the official release on this today, and we’ve passed it along for our Ecotec enthusiasts.

Official Release:

DiabloSport Tuners Now Available for 11-15 Chevy Sonic & Cruze 1.4L Turbo EcoTec

DiabloSport’s inTune & Trinity performance programmers are out now for 2011-2015 Chevy Sonic or Cruze with a 1.4L Turbo. With a simple tune, you can add power and fuel economy without even popping the hood! Their performance tune for 93 octane makes 33 HP and 45 TQ, but if driven properly, there are also huge fuel economy gains anywhere from 3-10MPG over stock!

A recent DiabloSport Beta Tester Coy Patrick in West Palm Beach, FL commented on his experience with his Diablo Tuned 2012 Chevy Sonic:

“I got a 10mpg average increase on my… [Sonic] as long as I keep it under 3k rpm, and this is city driving, not highway.”

Obviously, Mr. Patrick was focused on his fuel economy, and his results may not be repeatable by everyone, but it’s clear to see that this type of “hyper mileage” increase is achievable with a simple plug & play Diablo Tune!

After working closely with their Beta testers, DiabloSport created special tuning options for the Cruze and Sonic such as a “No Lift Shift” option for all manual transmission cars, as well as a MPG Booster tune that will increase fuel economy 3-5 MPG during daily driving.

DiabloSport’s tuning devices will let customize your tune by using their wide selection of adjustable parameters. You get options to change tire size, gear size, spark/fuel settings, rev limiters, speed limiters, and more.

Pre-Loaded Performance Tunes & Adjust Stock Setting

Our tuners created special calibrations for both the Cruze and Sonic that will add heaps of power, and still allow for awesome fuel economy. The performance tune for 93 octane makes 30 HP and 45 TQ, but if driven properly, there are also huge fuel economy gains.

93 Octane Performance Tune: +33 HP | +45 TQ
Designed for power, economy, and drivability, this tune requires users to run a minimum of 93 octane in their gas tank to see the best power gains. This tune makes the maximum available power on your car!
91 Octane Performance Tune: +27 HP | +40 TQ
The 91 octane tune is similar to the 93 tune, but it’s designed for a lower grade of fuel. Users will see the same great drivability gains, but with just a little less power.
MPG Booster Tune: +3-5 MPG
If you’re after fuel economy this tune is for you. Our mileage booster technology allows you to pick up 3-5 MPG on your stock car without adding a power boost. It’s perfect for long road trips or even in city driving!
Factory HP Tune/Factory Transmission tune
This tune uses the car’s factory calibration but allows for modifications to the tune to suit your own needs.


  • Increases fuel economy
  • Improves overal performance
  • No-lift shift option
  • Provides additional horsepower and improved torque
  • Capabilities to chance the tire size, gear size, spark/fuel settings, rev limiters, speed limiters, and more

DiabloTune SS

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