DiabloSport Announces New Tuning Options for 2016 GM Trucks/SUVs


DIABLOSPORTPopular automotive tuning/programming brand, DiabloSport, has just released the first of their 2016 GM Truck and SUV compatible tuning options. These new tuners will allow you to refine and improve your GM’s performance and ride qualities. The DiabloSport Trinity and inTune i2 i2030 programmers bring big power in a compact package.

Using the latest and greatest in tuning technology, DiabloSport set their calibration team loose on the newest GM pickups and SUVs. After careful programming and calibrating, they managed to get some pretty impressive results out of the vehicles.

They managed to increase power, fuel economy, and ride qualities pretty significantly in their test vehicles. Their programming is now packaged into a easy to use handheld tuner, and you can pick up these gains in minutes. Learn more about the new GM truck and SUVs tuners by DiabloSport below.

Official Release:

Redefine Your Truck’s Ride Easy plug and play horsepower for Escalade, Tahoe, and Yukon SUVs!


Truck TunerInstalling a tune on your Sierra or Silverado pick-up is an easy way to increase horsepower and torque without even popping the hood! If you’re looking for fuel mileage gains, our Trinity and inTune i2 programmers have you covered with options that can add 2+ MPG!

Our tunes for the latest GM Sports Utility Vehicles increase the overall horsepower and drivability with a simple plug and play tune. Within minutes your SUV could feel better than it did the day you drove it off the lot!


2016 GM Truck & SUV Dyno Sheet

Dyno Results

DiabloSport Performance Tuner Options

A performance programmer is the perfect upgrade for your truck or SUV! We have mapped out all of the performance parameters to get the most out of your vehicle without any guess work required. Learn more about these tuners here.


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