Concept One Pulleys Announces Victory Series System for Maggie Blown LS Engines

Concept One offers serpentine pulley solutions for various American powerplants across the board; GM, Ford, Chrysler — you name it — with their most popular kits of the LS-series variety. Whether you’re running a standard LS1 or a Roots-blown LS7, Concept One has a kit for you!

Recently, they’ve announced a kit designed specifically for Magnuson Roots-style superchargers that look right at home in your engine bay, and on the engine itself. Available in different finishes and plenty of options, the new Victory Series offers enthusiasts exactly what they’re looking for in a performance pulley system. Read more below:

Official Release:


Cumming, GA (December 12, 2016) – Following the introduction of the 8-rib Victory Series HD Pulley System in early 2016, Concept One Pulley Systems is now introducing a new system designed specifically for Supercharged LS engines.The new drive, the Chevy LS Victory Kit for the Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger is application specific for projects utilizing supercharger, alternator, A/C and power steering and fits LS3 engines as well as a variety of other engines as long as they have LS3/L92 Heads. Providing both convenience and diverse tuning options the new drive is compatible with most popular LS and aftermarket throttle bodies. C1 drives are extremely compact and eliminate A/C compressor cross member clearance issues.

Perfect for the do-it-yourself builder and include all the components and hardware required for quick, hassle free, precision installation. The conversions allow builders to take advantage of incredible tuning options present with these modern power plants. The layout, quality craftsmanship and multiple finish options from C1 bring the engine compartment of any machine to a whole new level. As shown the C1 drive is compatible with most popular superchargers including Magnuson, Edelbrock and OEM equipment on GM LSA engines.  Supercharged LS pulley kits retail from $2,845.00 and can be ordered by calling direct to 877-337-0688 or get a closer look online at


  • Ultra-small polished Sanden style SD-7 compressor with 8-rib pulley and billet manifold
  • New Delphi power steering pump
  • Remote power steering reservoir
  • Cast aluminum water pump
  • 120 amp polished Powermaster® one-wire alternator
  • Now shipping with modern, more powerful CS130D and AD244 alternators with multiple amperage options available
  • Fluidampr® high performance SFI approved harmonic damper
  • Complete bracket set for alternator, A/C compressor, power steering and supercharger idler
  • Heavy Duty 8-rib crank pulley, water pump pulley, alternator pulley, and power steering pulley
  • 3.34″ supercharger pulley, others available
  • Alternator pulley cover
  • Compressor nose cover
  • Continental® Elite belt
  • Continental® heavy duty tensioner
  • Chrome hardware

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