Chevy SS 1LE… SEDAN Possibly Coming for 2016


What do you do when your pet project isn’t getting the love you had hoped it would? Why, you make it better, of course. With very little excitement, advertising or drive behind the current full-sized sedan from Chevrolet, the SS can definitely use some love – no matter where it’s from!

When the car was released for the 2014 model year, it offered its buyers a very competent, if not appealing, package to those who wanted a healthy combination of performance, utility and classy, yet, subtle styling. A spiritual and literal successor to the departed Pontiac G8, the Chevrolet SS is a performance vehicle just begging for a shot of adrenaline from The General.

The current 415 hp LS3 helps, and so does the newly-available magnetic ride suspension and 6-speed manual transmission for 2015. But if the SS is going to be taken seriously when compared to the current competition from Chrysler, for example, they really need to take it up a notch. Or three. But there’s hope.

CHEVYSS1LE-2Just last week (I know, we’re late to the party on this one), rumors had run wild about the possible availability of a 1LE version of the SS sedan. Since it shares the same Zeta platform as the current Camaro (and with the new Alpha-chassis Camaro due to launch next year), the availability of 1LE suspension bits should be in abundance and will largely bolt right up.

Whether or not there will be any sort of horsepower increase is yet to be determined, however, we would really love to see an LS7 or LSA-powered SS. Because, frankly, the car needs the additional power. If Chevrolet really wants the car to be acknowledged in the pages of its rich history, they better step it up, and fast!

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