Buicks at Bates: 2015


*photos by: Eric Brown

Just when you thought that the Turbo Buicks were long gone and forgotten, something happens that makes you realize that they aren’t ready to lie down and play dead just yet. From the annual Buick GS Nationals in Bowling Green, to the various clubs around the country hosting their own events dedicated to the boosted Flint flyer, the Buick Grand National, GNX and T-Type continue to remain relevant in a world that has largely moved on to the best big thing.

One such get-together is Buicks at Bates. Held at the Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center, California, it hosts one of the biggest Buick events west of the Mississippi. All Buicks, from the ’50s to the modern era, are welcome to participate in the event with a heavy involvement coming from the ’80s Turbo Regal crowd. It’s a collaboration that’s designed as a recreation of a similar event that was held there decades ago, then founded and operated by Steve Hurst, who sadly passed away several years earlier.


Spoolfool’s Mike Barnard and Eric Brown, pose with ArizonaGN’s Nick Macale for a photo pop while at the event. The camaraderie and passion between show-goers at Buick events can be felt by anyone in attendance.


Today’s event is hosted by Spoolfool Productions’ Mike Barnard and Eric Brown, hardcore Buick enthusiasts who thrive to continue the time-honored tradition that so many other west coast Buick owners cherish. The revamp ignited in 2013, with the following two years being boggier than the last. The event is now catering to over 200 Buick fans and 100 cars on display – with one killer raffle being held at the end of the show!

Prizes are essentially a collection of great parts from almost everyone in the Buick hobby, including Alkycontrol, Alradco, Arizona GN, Gbody Parts, Highway Stars, HR Parts N Stuff, Black Air, Kirban Performance, Mothers, RJC Racing, TA Performance, Turbo Lou’s Auto Service, TurboTweak, TurboBuick.com and naturally, Spoolfool Productions.

Check out the photo gallery below, and be sure to keep this event in mind for next year if you’re a Buick enthusiast on the West Coast!

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