1982 Chevrolet C10 Pickup Gets Junkyard 5.3L Transplant and LS-Power

PCM of NC is a one stop shop for GM performance with a long history of building some awesome vehicles. One of their recent builds that they proudly posted on Facebook, with good reason, is Kelly Anderson’s 1982 Chevrolet C10 pickup.

The truck entered the shop with a carbureted 305 they described as rather anemic. While the 305 makes for a good jumping off point, power wise, it can take a lot of work and a lot of money to get these outdated engines up to snuff and even then the end result is less power than the more modern Chevy engines make stock. In the case of this 305 powered C10, it was simply a better option to make a visit to the local junkyard and pick up a 5.3L LS and a 6l80e transmission.

The engine was topped off with a PCM of NC Stage 3 truck cam, an LS3 intake manifold & Injectors, and a set of long tube headers. Making the connection between engine and transmission is a Circle D 3000 stall torque converter and transmission to differential is a Driveshaft Shop chromoly driveshaft. The new carbon fiber cold air intake is a nice touch and adds a bit of style to the engine bay.

PCM of NC used a number of GMPP wiring harnesses that essentially made this engine swap possible. The GMPP Plug and Play 6l80/90 Wiring Harness Kit allows you to easily connect, control, and tune the electronically controlled transmission using HP Tuners and eliminates the need for a separate aftermarket controller.

All this work was finished off with a PCM of NC dyno Tune. The Facebook post sarcastically claims that the 383-horsepower transplant only made a little bit of difference, although we can’t wait to see the owner follow through with his future plans of adding forced induction.

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