GBodyParts Announces 3-Inch Stainless Steel Downpipes for 1984-1985 Turbo Buick.

The Buick Grand National is one of the most coveted collector cars going right now. From its all-black appearance, it’s easily modifiable engine and its stealthy soundtrack, it’s still a force to be reckoned with open the street, especially when the right selection of parts are applied. One of the modifications that can be attributed to providing the most performance gain, is a 3-inch down pipe.

There have been several options available since day one — for the 1986-1987 cars. The intercooler engines provided better consistency and more performance thanks to the factory-installed intercooler. The earlier ’84-85 Turbo Buicks weren’t equipped with an intercooler, but there is still plenty of things to be done to bring them up to stuff with today’s performance levels, and then some. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a solution for the need of a 3-inch down pipe for the “Hot Air” cars, until G-Body Parts brought them to market. These things are so hot, and so needed for that niche, that they’re selling out fast! They’re also available in three option packages, that include with or without an exhaust dump pipe, and with or without an electric cut out for the dump pipe. More info and direct links below.

Official Release:

G-Body Parts Announces 3-Inch Stainless Steel Down Pipe for 1984-1985 Buick Grand National/T-Type

  • GBodyParts Exclusive!
  • Finally a 3″ 304 Stainless Steel Down Pipe for the Buick Hot Air Racers with Gasket, Hardware and Clamp!
  • Made with all of the same qualities as our 86-87 Intercooled Downpipe Version.
  • The Hot Air Downpipe Features:
    • Polished 304 Stainless Steel.
    • The Puck Sleeves and Bushings are Rated to 1600 degrees to prevent puck failure and hanging up.
    • The Puck Size is 1.375″
    • It falls dead-center on the wastegate hole.
    • The RJC Flange is Laser Cut 5/8″ Stainless Steel as well.
    • The Downpipe is a Two Piece Design so it can be installed with the engine in place.
      • The Passenger Side Motor Mount Bolt will need to be removed and the engine slightly lifted to install this Downpipe.
    • Leak Tight Slip Fit Design.
  • Includes SCE Copper Embossed Turbo Exhaust to Downpipe Gasket.
  • All Mounting Bolts & Nuts including stainless steel allen head bolts for the Downpipe Flange to the Turbo included.
  • 1 Stainless Steel Exhaust Band Clamp is Included.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Gasket from the Dump Pipe Assembly & Bolts to the remainder of the Exhaust System are NOT Included.
  • Downpipe installed on customer car. Check out the fit and finish!
  • You know there is a lot of power you can make with this down pipe!

84-85 Turbo Regal Grand National T-Type Hot Air 3″ Stainless Steel Downpipe w/ Dump Pipe

Package Dimensions:
Length: 48 Width: 12 Depth:12
Source :

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