VIDEO: Vengeance Raises the Bars with 2016 CTS-V

The 2016 CTS-V is an absolute powerhouse, with a luxury car wrapped around it. Powered by a (slightly) detuned LT4 these share the same beating heart as the C7 Z06, with only a few less horses. It’s a car that has plenty of power, but it didn’t take long for people to start seeing how much more horsepower they could squeeze out of them. Of course, when you want to see how far you can get with the stock internals, you take your ride to Vengeance Racing to get it there.

This CTS-V just saw some dyno time after getting a few mods, and we’re quite impressed by the results. On stock heads, with the stock camshaft in place, this automatic transmission equipped Caddy is running right past the 700 horsepower mark. During the final dyno pull, while running on E85, it hits 718 horsepower and 750 lb.-ft. of torque — and that’s to the ground! That’s quite the gain over the stock 640 horsepower setup, especially considering how little has been done to get it there.

Full mods include:

  • Vengeance Racing Custom 4-inch Cold Air Intake System
  • 160º Thermostat
  • Innovators West Gen III CTS-V Balancer
  • Metco 9.1″ Lower Pulley
  • Jokerz Performance Ported LT4 Supercharger
  • American Racing Headers 1-7/8″ Longtube Header System with 3″ Catted X-Pipe
  • AlkyControl Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System with Remote Reservoir
  • Vengeance Racing E85 Flex Fuel Sensor Kit

This 4-door sedan should be able to easily give the Z06 a run for its money, as long as the Z06 is still stock. The LT engines are continuing to prove how well they respond to small upgrades — it didn’t take much to push this CTS-V out of its comfort zone. Of course, this is a car coming out of Vengeance, who is constantly raising the bar in the GM Performance industry. Lookout Z06 owners, this CTS-V may look elegant, but it’s a beast on the streets!

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