Video: UK’s Fifth Gear Retro Review Of the C6 Z06 Corvette

Like most car people, we absolutely love retro automotive reviews on our favorite cars, and places like MotorWeek have kept us pretty well-fed over the years. There’s something so fascinating about looking back in time on the opinions and initial road tests about cars we know so much more about today than could have been discovered back then.

These cars make more appearances now in racing videos and features as wild street cars, than would interest any stock car reviewer. A retro review recently re-shared Fifth Gear video brings an even more interesting twist as the show is based in Europe, and they are reviewing America’s favorite sports car, the Corvette.

While 2006 seems like just yesterday, the now 2006 Corvette Z06 is a 14-year old year model, which seems crazy to think about. Some people still refer to the C6Z as the best Z06 ever made, and there’s a lot of reason to feel that way. The proceeding Stingray has killer looks and the C7Z was nothing to scoff at, the C6Z just seems to have (somewhat of) a cult following.

Despite having criticisms on American cars, host Timothy “Tiff” Needell had a change of heart about it after realizing what a truly great car the C6 Corvette turned out to be. Tiff praises the Z06 for having nibble steering and being a ‘controlled’ car with tightness while at speed. He also gives it to Americans for showing the Brits how making a powerful and controlled car should be done.

It’s not all praise, however, he does give the C6Z some grief about its interior being a little dull, and the feel of the suspension going over a ‘severe’ bump. In all reality, those aren’t unfair assessments either. We just wonder what the host thinks about the continuing models and radical makeover of the C8, even though we’ll have to wait a while for anyone to review a C8Z!

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