Video: Sixth-Gen Camaro Sprints Into The 8-Second Range With Stock Blower

That is a big claim, but don’t be fooled by the extraordinary headline. The only thing it is claiming that is stock is the supercharger. To be honest though, even that claim seems a bit deceptive as well. Think of it this way; if someone were to swap the camshaft in an OEM engine, it would no longer be set up the way it was when it left the factory and could not be considered the stock engine. Likewise, this ZL1’s OEM supercharger has been modified.

That being said, this is an incredible car with an awesome list of winning modifications and it does prove that you don’t have to swap the supercharger out for a super large displacement unit just to break into the 8-second class. You also do not need nitrous. According to Advanced Modern Performance’s website if you want your ZL1 to consistently run 8.90s in the quarter-mile, all you have to do is the usual modifications such as replacing the cold-air intake, throttle body, camshaft, and heads.

Top everything off with Kooks 2-inch headers, a CNC ported blower, and a custom tune and you are good to go out there and break some records. Regardless of wheel tire combination, this is a recipe for an incredibly fast ZL1 that will be able to walking all over snakes and demons alike, but the ZL1 in the video is running Weld Racing AlumaStar 2.0s in the front with s71 beadlocks and Mickey Thompson P275/60R16s in the rear.

While this setup gained the AMP crew a record ET of 8.923 at 153.83-mph, it may not seem like the best for the street. Although, the video ended with a quick shot of interstate acceleration that was very inspirational.

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