VIDEO: Redline Motorsports’ Twin Turbo Z06 Deep in the 8s!

Our friend Howard Tanner, owner and founder of Redline Motorsports, is one of the most fiercely competitive car builder/tuners in the LSx game.Being home to the some of the fastest cars in the hobby, including the current fastest CTS-V in the country, it’s no surprise when we heard he just clicked off a a mid 8-second quarter-mile in a twin-turbo Z06 on December, 12th.

Wanting to learn more about the car, we reached out to Howard himself to get his take on the car, and to put a different spin on a story that’s been passed around the internet with no additional insight than what’s been depicted in the video.

“I think it’s important to note we only went out to get the new setup to launch and get the 60′-ft. working… 15-lbs.[of boost] is nothing in that motor,” RLTTZ06-2Howard tells us. “Much of this is done with the custom shocks we fabricated and also working magic with the new AMS2000 boost controller.

We use the G-meter that’s built in to determine where to turn on the power – we leave on 2.4 g’s! The car should be going 7s [once we work the bugs out]. It still has a full interior, A/C and XM radio.”

He continued, “The fuel pumps have such a big draw that it was drawing battery voltage down so we decided not to push it.”

There will be a follow-up to this vide0, where we fully-expect the car to break into the 10s after the boost gets cranked up to 24-psi. Knowing the dedication that Howard and the Redline team have, we would expect nothing less.



8.52 at 155.92 – on 15-psi!


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