VIDEO: OKC Street Car Takeover Gets Dominated by LSX 427 Nitrous Camaro

At a recent Street Car Takeover event, one bad Camaro showed no mercy to its adversaries. This monster 4th-gen F-Body took no prisoners thanks to a combination of a beastly LSX 427 engine and a nitrous kit.

The massive engine and nitrous is one powerful combination to move this Camaro down the strip. It’s engine was built by Mast Motorsports with Trick Flow heads, Mast intake, and Wilson throttle body. Of course there’s the nitrous kit, which is a Nitrous Outlet Stinger II Plate system — this system accounts for about 275 extra horsepower.

Suspension work from UMI and a Midwest Chassis torque arm are key to cutting those low 1.21 60-foot times. They also run the AEM Infinity computer, this computer is a great choice for race engines. Throw it all together and this Camaro scoots down the 1/4-mile track in 8.41 seconds! On motor alone, it’s still a 9-second car.

There’s no word on the power it’s making. The driver explains that it was “slapped together” for the Holley LS Fest, which was about a month prior to the Street Car Takeover event. They did a pretty good job “slapping” it together, judging by the 60-ft. and LSXCAMARO-21/4-mile times, regardless of what it might do on a dyno.

In the video, you’ll notice how slow it makes the 9-second SN95 Mustang look, and it puts the hurt on a 10-second Fox Body. It also had a classic versus modern muscle car showdown with a 1st-gen Camaro — the 4th-en ultimetaly walked away, but the classic still kept its dignity with a swift 10-second trailing pass.

It seems that the car is also extremely consistent, hitting those 8-second numbers each time. A consistent car is far more intimidating than one that can throw down one low pass, and then it’s getting beat by stock cars on the next pass. Even though this Camaro was essentially thrown together in a hurry, it’s a well-built dominator.


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