VIDEO: Caprice PPV- Hauling in Bad Guys with LS Power

Running from the police is always a bad idea, no matter what situation you’re in. As they always say, even if you can outrun their cars, you probably can’t outrun their radios… or helicopters, either, for that matter.

Unfortunately, for those who thought it was going to be a good idea to skip out on the law, some troopers now have LS power under the hood. The Chevrolet Caprice Police Pursuit Vehicle, or PPV for short, has been implemented by troops around the country for some time now and has a little bit more nasty crammed up under the hood than prior patrol vehicles.

The police cruiser is powered by a 6.0L L77 V8 that is rated at 355 hp from the factory and backed by a 6L80 automatic transmission. That’s a little bit more kick than we’re used to with the good old 239 hp 4.6L Ford powerplants as seen in PPV-2you average police-fitted Crown Victorias.

So the new mode makes a little bit more power, but what is it all worth?

Well, when we caught up with this particular PPV on a chilly day, it clocked in a best pass of 13.67 at 102 mph with a good amount of consistency across three runs. This particular car remains 100% bone stock, too! While this may not be the fastest car that we’ve ever covered, the Corvette-inspired cop car will be able to chase down more cars than not, especially when you compare it to the sluggish Crown Victoria.

You can see all that the car has to offer in the video above. Maybe perspective runners will think twice before taking off next time!


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