VIDEO: 2015 Mustang GT Track Pack vs. 2014 Camaro SS 1LE

Ford versus Chevy. Mustang versus Camaro. It’s a story that’s been never-ending since the Fall of 1966. With the 2015 Mustang hitting the streets and the 2016 sixth-gen just around the corner, we don’t see it ending anytime soon.

The typical mindset we’ve become used to, well, Ford fans have become used to, is that the Mustang carries a slight power disadvantage to the Camaro, but weighs a few hundred pounds less.

And while the Camaro edges out the Mustang on a road course thanks to its independent rear suspension, the Mustang’s lighter weight and solid rear axle help it hook up quite a bit better than the Camaro. But nothing remains the same forever, and change is imminent.

Recently, Motor Trend had a day to spend with a brand new Mustang GT equipped with the Performance Pack and a Camaro (SS) 1LE. With both of them packing close to 430 hp, track-tuned suspension, IRS (finally, Mustang!), and get this, a curb weight within 70-lbs. of each other, and it seems like a fair fight to us.

Motor Trend provides us with performance test figures, driving dynamics, and handling & braking comparisons. Professional driver, Randy Pobst, takes both cars around a road course to see just what these two are made of and how they compared. The results might just astound you.

The 2015 Mustang is its own worst enemy, of sorts. The GT’s 5.0 Coyote picked up a few additional ponies over the outgoing model, but the increased weight brings it closer to that of the current Camaro. The next-gen Camaro is going to be significantly lighter, and you’re crazy if you think Chevrolet is going to release the 2016 Camaro with the same old LS3.

History tells us that every time there’s a new model Camaro, a new powerplant comes with it. You can pretty much expect the 455 hp LT1 from the C7 Stingray to sit between the framerails of the next SS.

We can also expect improvements all the way around from the new car, so if the brand new GT Performance Pack has its hands full with the old Camaro, it better pack a hefty lunch when the new version is released.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.01.43 PM

Eagle eye viewers will spot the time difference in this screen shot.

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