Post-Apocalyptic Wrapped Camaro Z/28 Bumblebee


photos by: WrapZone

*No Camaros were harmed in the making of this renegade exterior.

The Swedish company known for some crazy exterior work, WrapZone, is at it again. This time, they’ve picked a Bumblebee 5th-gen Camaro to single out. Their work is a little unusual in theme, but extremely impressive in final product. They certainly nailed their post-apocalyptic Camaro theme, and underneath this weathered exterior is still a showroom condition Camaro, so it’s a win-win either way.

WrapZone has made a name for themselves by making some really interesting wraps for cars. You may recognize their work already. They have a knack for making high end cars look like decades old barn finds, and that has a few people scratching their heads, but we dig it!

camaro-6The company already has a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, modern VW Beetle and Dodge Charger on deck that look like they’ve been through hell and back. Nothing looks quite as extreme as their newest work, seen on the Camaro in question. This latest wrap is definitely their most hardcore looking one yet.

Their best display of work is can be found on their Instagram page here if you want to check it out — their website is not available in English, so it might be easier to view their work on that page. The artist who designed the work, Skepple, also has a page you can view here. Don’t worry, you don’t need an account to just browse these pages.

This Camaro is made to look like it’s been through a war zone, and took no prisoners! It’s a super clever piece of art that has a lot of details put into it. Blast marks, scorches, muck, general filth marks, and the best part, the faux bullet holes throughout. It even incorporates very realistic looking makeshift skid pattern patch panels.

This rendering to real-life photo shows the accuracy of wrap printing.

This rendering to real-life photo shows the accuracy of wrap printing.

Underneath the wrap isn’t your everyday Camaro, but you already knew that by the Flowtie, didn’t you? The Z/28 grille emblem and design elements probably tipped you off as well. We actually can’t think of a better apocalypse vehicle we’d rather have than the 505 horsepower, 7.0L Z/28. It might not be as tough as the Paramount-built Marauder, but the 4.4 second 0-60 mph car would zoom away from trouble with ease.

This latest piece of vehicle artwork is a perfect example of why we love vehicle wraps — it’s a non-permanent way to have a little fun with your car! You can live out your apocalypse scenarios, turn some heads, and take the thing off (if you want to) at anytime. We’ve had a few wrapped vehicles on our team, and you really can’t accomplish the details and graphics any other way without totally altering the paint.

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