VIDEO: It’s Here! The C8 Is Officially Official, and We Have the Details!

We’ve waited, pined, lost sleep and went gonzo over this car for the last three or four years; the eighth-generation Corvette! Rumored to be mid-engine and packing a serious punch, we knew almost nothing about the car up until now.

There were a few set backs, a delayed announcement, and several issues with development, but we figured if we could wait this long — nearly 50 years — we could wait a few more months. Some of our colleagues at other magazines leaked every little factoid (both true and rumored) they could get their hands on, and wrote articles every time the car poked its nose out in its camo livery.

We stayed off of that bandwagon, to let Chevrolet develop the car, and to not fuel any “C8 burnout” until the time was right. I mean, what’s the point of providing our readers with speculation and false info (i.e., clickbait) on our behalf, right?

Well, the time has finally arrived and we have all of the details from Chevrolet below!

The engine is a 6.2L naturally-aspirated small-block V8, dubbed the LT2. Other than its displacement, it’s an entirely new engine from the LT1 that it replaces. We’re assuming it’s a GEN-VI powerplant, but that little factoid wasn’t made clear in the unveiling.

An 8-speed CVT gearbox is the only transmission available, and a Z51 package that provides better brakes, suspension, transmission gearing and plenty of aero is an extra cost option. We assume that a Z06 and/or a ZR1 will come later, as towards the end of the presentation, our friends at GM hinted as much.

The best part? That the car will start, minus Z51 Package, for UNDER $60,000. Count us in! You can LEARN MORE from Chevrolet in the LINK HERE, and we’ll bring you more updates as more info comes to light.

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