Charging Forward: The Times, They Are a Changin’

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The Train Just Keeps Chugging Along!

Wow, I can’t believe 2018 is just around the corner! This year has flown by for us, and it seems like one big blur. From staff changes, to our recent relocation across town to even the way we bring content to our readers and viewers, GM EFI Magazine and its parent company, AutoCentric Media as a whole, is looking ahead into the next decade!

That extends into the way we create content, the ways we bring that content to you and even the amount of content we compile, as well as the level of quality that we will bring, all are currently getting a full makeover. The old days of print, or even a “digital version of a print magazine” are dead, gone and buried. Social media is king, YouTube is a second-stringer and at this point, forums, blogs, E-zines and obviously print are largely things of the past. Even those who hang on to those platforms say that, “it’s nostalgia at this point.”

You don’t have to take my word for it, ask those who work in print (who aren’t delusional) about how subscriptions have fallen off and how readership has waned. Most of today’s generation doesn’t even want to read at all anymore, much less, have to spend $7 on a folded piece of paper to get their automotive info — “that’s what Facebook video is for, bro!” Having spent a brief, but rather educational time in print, that was the word of the day even back then — and that was five years ago.

You look at the magazine racks at grocery stores (what’s left of them) and you’ll immediately notice how small and insignificant they have become in the last few years. Even the magazines themselves have shrunken down quicker than a starring cast member of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and I’m being polite about it. Now I’m not here to throw stones at other platforms or other companies, but rather, explain myself for what we need to do to to stay relevant in a quickly changing industry.

The old ways of doing things aren’t working anymore… we can’t leisurely compile a handful of stories every month and pat ourselves on the back on “a job well-done.” Today, it’s about quality video content and much of it, and speed; go, go, go and go some more. The SEMA Show has come and gone only less than a month ago and it’s ancient history. As I type this, the PRI Show is less than a week away and as we’re getting ready to head out, I’m already planning toward the following trade show in January.

When I first started GMEFI Magazine in October of 2014, and its sister title, Timeless Muscle Magazine in May of 2015, the idea was to create high-quality digital magazines that would implement video whenever posable, but provide a classic or “timeless feel” that readers of traditional print pubs could appreciate and enjoy. We even brought in those old-school writers and photographers to lend a hand in creating some of these great articles you’ve read here, but many of them are still passionate and loyal to print and the workload that it encompasses, and that’s OK, too.

But I think it’s time to say goodbye to that old model and embrace what’s already here. You’re going to see not only a significant difference in the way you get your content delivered from us and the sister brands, but we’ll think you’ll love the things you’ll see! Think tech installations, car features, and a more intuitive experience of what you used to get in the old days.

Now I won’t get into too many details at this juncture, but I feel that our upcoming plans are going to completely change how you get your content from GMEFI!

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