VIDEO: Pace Performance Releases New FiTech Fuel Injection

Looking to swap the carburetor from your ’80s-era G-body, GM truck or F-body with something a little more “today?” Then you have probably been in the market for an aftermarket EFI kit. Some of the kits on the market can be a pain when it comes to finding the right application, as well as installation. From street cars to track queens, the FitTech fuel injection by Pace Performance has a lot to offer.

These Pace Performance fuel injection kits are made to fit any 4-bbl intake manifold, including those with 4500 flange. They are the most self contained and featured units of their type. The ECU is mounted to the throttle body, and this makes installation simple.

There’s also no need to run a hole through your firewall, or extra harnesses to drap across the engine bay. These kits are the only type with with the computer mounted throttle body that provides spark control without having to use an external spark box or special kind of distributor. There’s also a built in fuel pressure regulator. The included hand-held controller has a touch screen that makes for a super quick and simple initial set-up.

These kits come in different levels to handle various horsepower levels. The 400 horsepower system is ideal for street cars, while the 600 horsepower, and 800 horsepower kits are more accommodating for higher performance builds. There’s also packages for dual cards, and 1200 horsepower applications. The kits come with and without other components, like fuel pimps, and come in different finishes.

For a limited time, the FiTech conversions are coming with a rebate incentive. Check here to view the form. Now you’ll have a little extra money coming back to you for other mods!


Basically, these kits give you a full range of options for every carb’ed application to fuel injection conversion. It’s also a very uncomplicated way to get to fuel injection for all levels of power. These are simplified and straight forward kits that won’t muck up your engine bay. Learn more about the Pace Performance FiTech fuel injection by checking them out

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