VIDEO: Jet Performance Products Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor Install on 2019-2024 Silverado & Sierra 1500s

With external engine modifications, such as a cold air intake, free-flowing exhaust, or a larger-bore throttle body, the factory Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor may miscalculate the additional airflow, negating the performance benefits of the mods and leading to driveability problems. To remedy the concerns with the stock MAF sensor in 2019-2024 V8 Silverado and Sierra 1500s, AmericanTrucks offers a Jet Performance Products Powr-Flow Mass Air Sensor (Part No. S544812)

The MAF sensor is critical to engine management. Its primary function is to measure the mass of air entering the engine, providing essential data for the engine control unit (ECU) to optimize the air-to-fuel ratio. The Jet Performance Products Powr-Flow Mass Air Sensor ensures accurate readings to the ECU, regardless of intake airflow. The ECU adjusts the fuel injector pulse width to achieve complete combustion and reduced engine emissions. 

The Jet Performance Products Powr-Flow Mass Air Sensor offers minor performance improvements from its low-restriction, slim-line design, which affords increased airflow. Additional benefits include possible increased fuel mileage and the fact that no modifications are necessary to install the sensor.

AmericanTrucks estimates an installation time of approximately 20 minutes. To start the removal process, you need a 10mm socket and ratchet to disconnect the battery’s negative cable from the terminal. To release the MAF connector, push the red tab to the “unlocked” position and depress the button on the connector’s body while pulling the connector from the sensor. 

Two Allen screws retain the MAF sensor to the inlet ducting. Once the screws are removed, the sensor will slip out of the ducting. The Jet Performance Products Powr-Flow Mass Air Sensor drops into the factory location. To complete the installation, reverse the MAF sensor removal steps.

After installation, twist the ignition key and enjoy the increased performance, reduced emissions, and improved MPG

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