VIDEO: Hoovies Garage Picks Up A Buick Grand National

Like all things these days, there’s a YouTube channel for everything, including those who like to buy and flip classic cars on the internet. One popular YouTube who has been at it for years is Hoovie, owner of Hoovie’s Garage and an enthusiast of all-things classic car.

He’s owned a lot of awesome cars, usually presented as “the cheapest example that was available on the planet” — usually as clickbait. He picked it up an auction recently for $35,000, and although on the lower end of a stock(ish) ’87 Grand National, there are cheaper ones out there. Overall, it seems to be in great condition and shows around 50k miles on the clock.

It appears pretty much bone stock, apart from a repaint, but there’s nothing there to depict that it has ben tampered with in any way, that we saw or heard from Hoovie. He did get one or two details wrong in the video, but as far as we know, this is the first Turbo Buick that he’s owned, at least for a while. If you want year-to-year specifics on the ’78-87 Turbo Regal, check out our retrospective guide HERE.

But the best part about this video, is not only the walk-around of the car itself, but the fact that he pits it p against a stock, and well-running 1989 Lamborghini Countach out of his personal collection. The result actually surprised even your author. But even in wet conditions, it still managed to stay glued to the pavement, for the most part, and was able to put the Bull in its place.

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