VIDEO: DSX Tuning Tunes First ZR1 and Introduces Project Pathfinder

Speed is addicting. As soon as you find a car that’ll take you down your favorite stretch of road faster than you ever thought you would want to go, it suddenly proves to just not be enough. This is an itch that, no matter how good an effort they put forward, auto manufactures just can’t scratch and so the modifications begin.

From induction and exhaust system upgrades to cam and head swaps, most people start with the engine but in most cases a tune can make or break a good build. That being said, if your speed machine is a brand new 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, tuning has not been an option.

Even though these cars are capable of igniting an infatuation for speed in the worlds most prudent driver, the new ZR1s have remained largely untouched. However, just like every innovation in technology, all it takes is the right person coming along to change things up.

With the addition of a modified E99 ECM to the HP Tuners product line, a world of opportunity has been opened up for the new ZR1 and DSX Tuning is the first to take a crack at tuning the beast.

Dave Steck started DSX Tuningin 2007 to provide unique solutions in the world of GM tuning and performance. His innovation and background in engineering has developed a long line of products that have pushed the boundaries of possibilities with factory GM computers.

Their newest project, Project: Pathfinder takes the fastest and most powerful production Corvette to the next level and opens up endless opportunities for the car to reach the peak of its ability. A complete package that includes an unlocked ECM and the 10 required credits from HP Tuners is coming soon and will be available though DSX Tuning.

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