Holley Announces EFI Fuel System for GM G-body

Built during the “Maliase era” of American automotive history, the GM G-body is now considered a modern classic. It helped Segway the smog era into the early days of electronic fuel-injection, and bookend the days where basically everyone drove a front-engined, rear-wheel drive vehicle.

These days, they’re still affordable canvases to build the ultimate hot rod. The aftermarket is ripe with hardware that can turn your comfy cruiser into a true performance machine, and Holley is just one of the many companies happy to do so.

Official Release:


Looking to upgrade the fuel system in your 1978-1987 G-Body? Take out the guesswork with Holley’s new G-Body Fuel System Kit! This 1978-87 G-body Fuel System Kit was designed as a direct replacement for your factory fuel system. Includes everything required including fuel pump module, fuel level sender, fuel filters, fuel line, fittings, hardware, and all new wiring components. Designed to use factory fuel line routing and mounting locations for a clean, OEM-like install.


  • Prepares your 1978-1988 GM G-Body with a bullet proof fuel system for any EFI conversion
  • Pump gas and E85 compatible fuel system plumbing kit in a box, ready for whatever engine you throw at it
  • Contains a wide variety parts and accessories going up to the engine for a complete fuel system kit
  • Includes 40ft of 6AN nylon braided hose, enough to go from the tank to the fuel rails for both feed and return
  • Contains: AN fittings, 350 LPH EFI Fuel Pump Module, Billet Filter, Fuel Pressure Regulator & Gauge, new hardware and EFI rated clamps
  • Simplifies your fuel system with direct replacement components while still maintaining an OEM-like appearance
  • Takes the guesswork out of piecing together fuel fittings and hose, while also upgrading the factory fuel system
  • Utilizes as many of the original sheet metal and chassis fuel system routing provisions with minimal to no drilling required
  • Electric Fuel Pump Harness & Relay Wiring Kit, ensures the fuel pump receives the proper amperage, for improved reliability and consistent performance
  • Pre-calibrated fuel level sending unit works with factory fuel gauge, for a simplistic installation, no guessing what ohm range your gauge or sending unit is
  • Highly detailed installation instructions to guide you, step by step, along the installation process
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