High-Quality Reproduction Belt Tensioner from GBodyParts


The Turbo Buicks of the 1980s are now at the age of restoration, rather the modification and many enthusiasts are looking for new old stock (NOS), or OE rep ruction pars for their ’86-87 T-Types, Grand National, GNXs and Turbo-T Regals. While they have plenty of parts for other G-bodies, including the ’84-85 “hot air” Turbo Regals, GBodyParts.com currently offers a high-quality alternative for the long since discontinued OEM belt tensioner that’s found on the more popular intercooled examples.

Manufactured with components designed for longer life than the original, it actually weighs a hair more than the factory, piece, and bolts right into the stock location with no modifications. Brian Weaver of GBodyParts explains more in the official release below.

Official Release:

We have had these (GM PN-25526387) remanufactured and they are in stock and shipping.

New Buick Grand National/T-Type belt tensioner. I believe we have sold more of these than any other engine accessory. They are always worn out or getting broken when replacing the alternator. A new pulley (GM PN-25525338) is also included. The new reproduction tensioner weighs 4.10-lbs. When compared to the factory units at 3.70 lbs, the better quality materials with today’s technology has produced a better quality product.

We have also used a better quality steel spring material than [General Motors] had 30 years ago. The factory tension rate of an OEM tensioner is between 19.5 to 20. The GBodyParts tensioner has tested as high as 20.5.


  • Direct replacement for OEM piece
  • Higher tension capabilities than stock
  • Higher-quality construction than OE
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