VIDEO: Stingray – The Movie

With the invention of YouTube, it seems there are many more opportunities for those of us looking to make a living without having to take on the daily grind. Whether you want to be the next Jenna Marbles creating a “talk show” sharing your views and opinions on life, or the next James Cameron, with aspiring dreams of throwing your hat into the action film genre, YouTube is the place for your film contributions to be seen and heard.

Many YouTube filmmakers have varying levels of success with this, although we don’t object to this style of art at all. If you want your content to be readily available for millions to see, why not use the internet, right? Somehow that sounds strangely familiar…

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.19.17 PM

Anyway, we just ran across this short filmed simply titled; Stingray: The Movie, and its a 6-minute clip of a down-on-his-luck racecar driver, who has been hired by a local kingpin to run an illegal job. His acquaintance/recruiter, has other ideas, and is more interested in retiring after pulling this one last gig.

However it becomes apparent later on that the two have been double-crossed, and they make their escape with a bag full of cash and a brand new C7 Stingray acting as a getaway vehicle. How does it end? We don’t wait to ruin the surprise with any spoilers, so just watch the film to find out.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.22.40 PM

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