VIDEO: SDPC Camaro Rolling Chassis Makes an Appearance at SEMA Show 2021

On this side of the industry, we have plenty of opportunities to work with some of the best, and biggest names in the business. We’ve worked with Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center (SDPC) for years, and we even teamed up with them on an engine build for our LS3-swapped third-gen project a few years back, and they’ve delivered in spades. With a Magnuson 2650TVS blower strapped to the top, that Trans Am cranked out on 660hp to the tires running on pure 93-octane.

That engine took all of the abuse we through at it, took it on road trips, driven it on the daily grind and so on, and it just proved to be just as reliable as a brand new, stock Camaro. It proved to us, and to those who follow us, the capabilities of what SDPC can do.

Our recent visit to SEMA Show 2021 was an eyeful of amazing vehicles and hot new products. SDPC was no exception. SDPC brought out this awesome CRC Camaro, a car that started out as a rolling chassis/body-in-white through their own parts counter.

SDPC took hammer to nail, so to speak, and created this monster. It’s a custom-built car that features Dark Carbon Metallic stripe with Gold Metallic paint. Under the hood, is a custom-built 327 LSX with plenty of hardware from Chevrolet Performance, Holley and other great components that are available right over the SDPC parts counter.  The rolling stock consist of Weld Racing wheels, wrapped in Hoosier rubber that are bolted to a Strange Engineering axle with a set of Strange brakes. It’s the complete package, and it’s clearly ready to hit the dragstrip.

SDPC’s own Nick Adams and Warren Ekery walk us through the car, and even take us on a quick ride-along through the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the SEMA Show is held every year.

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