VIDEO: Pistol Pete’s 2000+hp Pro Street Camaro

This Aussie fourth-gen Camaro is putting a hurtin’ on the competition in this action-packed video compilation. Packed with double chutes, there’s no hiding that this thing is fast, and it may redefine the meaning of the word with 2,000+ horses under the hood.  This video shows a compilation of runs of Pistol Pete’s F-body Camaro dominating the quarter-mile in the high 6-second range.

dragcamaroaus-1Watching the video had us curious, so we dug up the dirt on this ’02 Camaro owned by Peter Pisalidis of Pistol Pete Racing and here’s what we found.

According to, this car was built by Steve Grebeck specifically for NMCA’s Super Street. The front suspension and frame rails are stock, and it features “a “Promod” style chassis from the firewall on back.” It also meets SFI-25.2 and is certified to run 6.0 seconds or slower by NHRA standards. This freakishly fast Camaro glided through a whole season, a total of 78 runs, without losing a single race – not even a qualifier.

dragcamaroaus-2Stuffed inside the engine bay is a traditional 440 ci. small-block Chevy with an abundance of go-fast goodies which includes Brodix heads, a Bryant crank, MGP rods, JE pistons, Bullet cam, Jesel lifters, rockers, and belt drive. Of course that’s not all, twin 80mm Precision snails help launch this F-body to speeds over 200 mph. Boost control is handled by an AMS1000 controller. Transmission is a Rossler XHD210 by Race Glides with a TCE converter routing power down to a floater 40-spline rear end by Strange Engineering.

Along with the conventional twin-turbos, the chassis itself allows this car to enter a variety of classes. The chassis consists of a double frame rail with chrome-moly tube frame which connects to the stock front frame rail/firewall. They kept the stock dash for the street, but most of the panels have been composed of lightweight aerospace materials and carbon fiber. Of course, race cars need an upgraded suspension, so this Camaro sports Koni electronic shocks among other things.

In regards to EFI, the Big Stuff 3 Proefi ECU controls everything from air-fuel ratio, rpm limiters, spark, injector rates, fuel delivery and more. Feeding the engine are 8 x 275-lb. Moran Injectors spitting out Sunoco fuel. Can’t wait to see this bad boy dominate some quarter miles this upcoming season.


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