VIDEO: Bolt-On ZR1 vs Sketchy TA vs Boosted Z28

Before we tell the tale of how three boosted LSx-powered superheros face off against one another for king of the streets, we should go ahead and say that we don’t condone street racing – it isn’t safe nor legal. Now with that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the cars! We have a C6 ZR1 being challenged by a pair of 4th-gens; a WS6 convertible and a Camaro SS coupe staking their claim as the fastest car in this video.

The ZR1 is the 1320Video filmmaker’s personal car and it’s equipped with an undetermined array of bolt-on speed parts and a rich tune. As a result, the owner claims a reasonable 650 rwhp and we don’t doubt it.

The first opponent to the ZR1 is the Sketchy T/A; a 3800-lb. droptop WS6 packing 560 rwhp of ProCharged awesomeness. According to the owner who has a blurry face for the sake of privacy, it’s a D1SC with 11-psi., backed by a built T-56 and a Strange S60 rearend. The LS1 that the ProCharger is strapped to sports a fully-forged bottom end and a complimenting top end.

The Camaro utilizes boost as well; being built with a 6-liter foundation and an eBay GT42 turbo with 16-psi., pumping out around 650 hp thanks to a conservative street tune. The Camaro, like the Trans Am and the Corvette, is backed with a 6-speed manual.

So who wins? You’ll have to watch the video to find out, but we think it’s entertaining nonetheless. Spoiler alert: the GM car brings home the win!


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