VIDEO: AmericanTrucks Spotlights a Modified 2010 Silverado

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New Spotlight Video Helps Chevy Owners Visualize the Possibilities

PAOLI, Pa. (October 2020) – Aftermarket parts retailer AmericanTrucks (AT) releases a new video in their “Customer Builds” series. Hosted by AT’s Adam Maqboul, the virtual meetup features a 2010 5.3L Chevy Silverado owned by Roy Martinez. Chevy owners can browse Roy’s profile page on AT’s website for additional details, images, and a full breakdown of his mods list.

The video begins with a look at Roy’s suspension setup. As Roy admits, owning a truck is what kickstarted his interest in the off-road community. The leveled lift on a coil-over with some aggressive tires makes his Silverado look higher than it really is. Adam and Roy discuss his choice for a Barricade pre-runner style front bumper with skid plate.

He wanted to incorporate the light bar and was pleased with all the additional options it offered. Running boards, fender flares, a cold air intake, and an aggressive-sounding muffler, are a few of Roy’s completed upgrades. He’s even added a full-size truck tent to complement his outdoor adventures. As the video wraps up, viewers will learn what’s on Roy’s wish list when it comes to future mods. It’s a project that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

AT’s new series sheds light on the inspiration behind specific customer builds. This 2010 5.3L Silverado is a prime example of some popular parts and accessories truck owners will want to have on their radar. Customers can head to Roy’s dedicated spotlight page to shop his mods list, view additional images and read personal comments on his installation experience. The series has proved to be popular with AT’s customers. The retailer plans to release more videos in the upcoming months.

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