VIDEO: AmericanTrucks Picks the Top 5 2019+ Silverado Parts for Under $555

2019+ Silverado 1500 | Top 5 Parts Under $555

New Episode of “The Haul” from AmericanTrucks

PAOLI, Pa. (October 11th, 2021) – AmericanTrucks (AT) aims its new episode of “The Haul” at cost-conscious 2019+ Chevy Silverado 1500 owners. Hosted by Adam Maqboul, the video breaks down four mods under $500, and one slightly over at $555. With AT’s recommendations, truck owners can push past the aftermarket.

If you’re new to the truck world or you’re just looking to stick to a budget, it can be pretty difficult to navigate with all of the different options out there,” says Adam. He begins with his choice for a tonneau cover; one that is easy to use with extra protection against damage or theft. Other parts covered in the episode include a set of Barricade Rattler steel running boards, a Mammoth leveling kit, and a set of Rough Country heavy duty floor mats. Adam wraps up with a mod that comes in at just over $500, a cat-back exhaust from MBRP.

AT’s new episode of “The Haul” outlines the top picks for 2019+ Silverado mods under $555. Budget-conscious truck owners will appreciate the recommendations in the video, along with the reasons behind each choice. From tonneau covers to a new exhaust system, AT strives to remove the guesswork when it comes to aftermarket parts. Viewers are invited to subscribe to AT’s YouTube channel to stay in the loop when it comes to Silverado recommendations, parts reviews, install videos, and customer builds.

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