VIDEO: 836HP C7Z with VR Stage 3 Kit and Nitrous Outlet Spray

When a stock C7 Z06 isn’t fast enough and bolt-ons don’t give you the edge you’re looking for, you’ve got to go bigger. With this Z06, ‘bigger’ comes in the form of a Nitrous Outlet Spray Bar System that gave this build some major horses. When your 650 horsepower Corvette needs a little more, this kit seems to do very well with the LT4 engine.

The C7 Z06 is a pretty serious car without any help, but that doesn’t stop horsepower hungry gearheads. Throw on a Vengeance Racing Stage 3 Z06 Performance Package, and you’ll see numbers like 660 rwhp on pump gas, and 705 rwhp on E85, but it doesn’t have to stop there, now does it?

Nitrous Outlet designed the spray bar system for the LT4 supercharged engine to ensure equal distribution from the nitrous system. This is the same kit Vengeance has on their Arctic White C7Z that’s currently the most powerful one around. If it’s good enough to go on Ron Mowen’s personal C7Z, we can see why it’s being used again on this build.

In addition to the Nitrous Outlet Spray Bar System, this C7Z is equipped with:

  • Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus – Stage III Camshaft
  • Halltech Stinger-R Cold Air Intake System
  • Vengeance Racing Upper Pulley Kit
  • Innovators West 10% Overdrive Balancer Kit
  • American Racing 2-inch Longtube Header System
  • Catted X-Pipe
  • 160º Thermostat
  • Milled OEM Cylinder Heads
  • Nitrous Outlet Dedicated Fuel Cell
  • Nitrous Outlet Stage III Accessory Package
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Switch Panel for the C7 Z06
  • NOS Launcher Progressive Controller
  • Lingenfelter LNC-2014 Timing Retard Box
  • 19×12” Front and19x10” Rear Forgeline GA1R with Toyo R888 Tires
  • Custom ECU Calibration with Street and Dyno Tuning

All put together, this beast puts down 836 RHWP and 816 RWTQ with a 100 shot from the kit. That’s a lot of results from not a ton of modifications, these cars are really responding well to anything that’s being thrown at them!

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