VIDEO: 5-Way Race Between Four GTOs and a BMW

Editor’s Note: We want to point out that GM EFI Magazine does not endorse, support, or otherwise condone unsanctioned, illegal racing events, and feels that such activities are best left to in safe, dedicated environments with proper safety equipment installed and medical professionals on-hand.

What do you end up with when a group of modified GM performance cars take to the highways for a nice weekend cruise? You get a little mayhem! Four Pontiac GTOs and one highly-boosted BMW 335i were caught on camera breaking a few rules on a highway South of the Border. Known as “The Runit Team,” this band of auto aficionados are not shy about what their intentions are.

The self-proclaimed El Presidente, “RixTrix,” as he is known, states, “We are always down to run it. That is Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.14.51 PMhow we came up with our name. We are just a cool group of guys that love wrenching and running our cars. It’s not about egos here. Just having some fun, making friends, and running the cars and not our mouths.”

The white GTO seen to the left is a forged LS2 with a custom boost camshaft and a rear-mounted 76mm turbocharger. The 335i is holding its own with basic bolt-ons, some E85, and a custom JB4 tune that allows the small twin turbos to push 19-plus psi.10744692_843317939022005_1876565980_n

There are two black GTO’s, and each went in a different direction to make some power. The one in the center of the group features a stock LS2 with a D1SC Procharger unit pushing 10-psi of boost, while the GTO to it’s right sports an LS2 that has nicely ported LS3 heads and a healthy custom cam spec’d by Ed Curtis of Flowtech Induction.   The Cyclone Grey GTO on the far right is known as, “The Freak,” for its unusually healthy pull for a bolt-on-only mod list.

The team seems to be getting stronger, too. Since this video hit the internet, word on the street is that a few of these GTOs are now getting fitted with some serious turbochargers. The owner of the ProCharged goat has since stepped up to a forged motor, and is toying with the idea of upgrading to a F1 to keep pace with the pack…  Let’s just hope that they’ll find an abandoned airstrip  next time!

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