Corsa Performance Releases 2015+ Yukon Denali Cat-Back

As the market for performance parts for GM trucks and SUVs continues to grow, we’re seeing more and more brands catering to these drivers. The aftermarket for the larger vehicles used to be a lot more accessory and off-road centric, but people are coming back around to go-fast mods. Over the last month, we’ve seen all kinds of aftermarket goodies coming out, including a tuning system from DiabloSport for the 2016 trucks and SUVs, and more DashControl options for trucks by AutoMeter. Now CORSA Performance is jumping in the 2015 and up GM SUV aftermarket.

When it comes to the total package in exhaust systems, CORSA is at the top of the market. They’ve recently released their new cat-back option for 2015 and up GMC Yukon Denali 6.2L trucks. These trucks have a pretty powerful engine (under all that factory muffling), so this new exhaust gives it a great tone.

The new 3″ cat-back exhaust for the 2015+ 6.2L Yukon Denalis is made to create more efficiency and a quicker airflow over stock. There’s no mention of exact power gains or performance specs, yet, but the 2014 systems for the Denali XL give us a good indication. According to Corsa, vehicles picked up 11 extra horsepower, 14 lb-ft of torque, saw a 32% decrease in flow, and the system took nine pounds off the heavy vehicle.

This state-of-the-art system is created with their no drone exhaust technology — something Corsa Performance is well-known for producing. The technology is known as sound reflective cancellation (SRC), and they actually first premiered it on the 1995 C5 Corvettes. Basically, SRC will target and eliminate the resonate frequencies that cause drone. The result is a much more aggressive, much cleaner exhaust note. You can definitely hear it in the video above.

There are two kits available in the Sport line, the only difference being the polished or black exhaust tips.The Sport kits are their mid-level systems, the sound is described as being “high performance” with a distinctive rumble at idle. It also has an aggressive sound going through the gears. If you own a 2015 GMC Yukon Denali, make sure to check these out, you’ll fall in love with the new system.

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