WATCH: Bill of BP Automotive Shows Us How to Properly Measure Crimp Height and Width

When it comes to building a quick street car or a quarter-mile missile, each of us has our own special skill. Whether it’s design, chassis building, assembling the engine or doing the bodywork, there’s a hidden talent in each of us. One of the most arguably overlooked talent of them all, is wiring. Some of us have a natural knack for it, some of us don’t. That’s clearly evident in some of the hatchet jobs we’ve seen over the years.

However, thanks to some of our friends in the industry, it’s relatively easy to find some tips and tricks on how to make things a little easier and more effective. In a recent video from Bill at BP Automotive, we see the proper way to measure crimp height.

You will need a crimp tool, as well as a digital dial camper to perform the task properly.

Bill walks us through the process, step-by-step, and breaks down the width of what everything should be. He also cites the OE manufacturer’s website for the correct data. Be sure to check out the video for all of the info!

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