VIDEO: SDPC Raceshop Brings the LV3 4.3L V6 to Life With Boost

In the year 2022, it seems that just about every aspect of LS or LT engine build has been established; whether it’s an N/A build, single or twin-turbo setup, blower, nitrous, stock bottom-end, a “full build” — whatever. We’ve all basically seen it, done it, or heard about it. But what if we told you that there was an LS or LT that hasn’t really been tapped into that much? It’s often overlooked, largely ignored, somewhat forgotten, and even unknown to a substantial portion to the hobby and industry.

It’s called the LV3, and just in case you’ve been living on the moon since 2014, it’s a truck-sourced, V6 version of the GEN-V LT V8 that powers today’s Camaros, Corvettes and V8 V-Series Cadillacs. While a crate LV3 from Chevrolet Performance is unavailable, you can source one from your local wrecking yard out of 2014+ Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras. It’s considered to be the base engine for this trucks, but the performance potential is nearly equal to the 5.3L V8 that it’s derived from.

So for very little dough, you get a 285hp V6 engine, naturally-aspirated, with aluminum block, heads, and composite intake manifold. Much of the fundamentals that make the 5.3L engine run, are carryover.


Having keeping our eyes and ears open on what the aftermarket is doing with thee engines, our friends at Scoggin-Dickey Raceshop sent us the details on their latest build last night. Per our direct contact over there, Dane Arnold, the details break down as follows:

  • LV3 engine is a 29k-mile donor located from a local junkyard out of a Silverado that had been rear-ended
  • Equipped with a SDPC DOD Delete Kit utilizing LS7 lifters
  • “Super-clean” bottom-end — left untouched. It has stock crank, rods, pistons, oil pump, bearings, rings and ring gap, etc.
  • Stock heads; no milling or valve job, just upgraded with stock LT1 springs to handle the SDPC cam upgrades and Manley 7.825-in pushrods to get the right length
  • Stock head bolts and head gaskets
  • Stock ACDelco sparks plugs that it came with for the NA runs. SDPC utilized Brisk RR12S spark plugs for the turbo pulls
  • Stock coils and plug wires
  • Stock LS3 intake kit from Chevrolet Performance mounted using ICT Billet adapters with the back two ports and injectors blocked off
  • FID 850cc injectors and VP MS109 for the turbo pulls
  • All runs were done with Holley’s Dominator EFI — it’s what SDPC uses for most dyno sessions, and Dane tells us it worked great with this setup
  • Turbocharger is an older 6152E unit that SDPC just had on the shelf, laying aroung– something once popular with Turbo Buick owners — features a 61.8mm wheel with the small compressor housing and a T4 0.85a/r on the turbine side.
  • LV1 Non-AFM camshaft, PN 12721599: 0.502”/0.494” Lift, 193°/199° Duration, 113° LSA
  • SDPC Stage 1 Camshaft, PN SDR15976: 0.551”/0.522” Lift, 204°/211° Duration, 114° LSA
  • SDPC Stage 2 Camshaft, PN SDR15977: 0.522”/0.570” Lift, 211°/222° Duration, 114° LSA *Currently out of stock ☹*


The Dyno Results of Each Setup Depicted in this Article:

  • LV1 Cam: 318 hp, 351 lb-ft
  • Stage 1: 343 hp, 358 lb-ft +25hp/7tq
  • Stage 2: 360 hp, 365 lb-ft +42hp/14tq
  • 7PSI Boost: 510 hp, 548 lb-ft +192hp/197tq
  • 14.5PSI Boost: 644 hp, 730 lb-ft +326hp/379tq

Additional Components:

  • Holley Dominator ECU
  • Fuel Injector Development 850cc injectors
  • Chevrolet Performance LS3 Intake Kit: 19418251
  • ICT Billet LS3 to Gen V LT Intake Adapter: 551347-LT-LS3
  • ICT Billet DI Fuel Rail Delete Plates: 551325
  • Mighty Mouse LT Series Timing Pointer:  MMSLT1750
  • LT1 Valve Springs x 12: 12691120
  • Manley 7.825” Pushrods
  • Kooks longtube dyno headers 2” stepped, 3.5” collectorFor the boosted runs:
  • VP MS109
  • Brisk RR12S Spark Plugs
  • Shearer Fabrications Water to Air Intercooler
  • Go Fast Bits Boost Controller: 3001
  • Turbosmart Internal Wastegate: IWG-75

Dane tells us that hem Nick, and Kurt, thrashed on the dyno to get this done in a pretty tight window, but the data they got was awesome. Scoggin-Dickey will continue to tweak and tune and develop new products  soon. In the meantime, we think we need to get one of these for ourselves for a project!

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